Board of Directors

Mike DiManno

CEO and Founder of Samuel Hale

Michael DiManno is a staffing and insurance industry executive whose 25-year career has encompassed consulting, financing, funding, and leading several fast growth insurance and staffing companies from the startup phase all the way through acquisition or sale.

As a serial entrepreneur, Michael has also co-founded commercial developments, restaurants, a private investigation company, and an organic soap company as well as startups like Flash Seats, an electronic ticketing company with patented technology in the sports and entertainment world. His consulting assignments include companies like Sherries Berries, multiple staffing companies, and insurance giant Keenan & Associates.


Zack Leland
Staffing Insurance Consultant PIASC Insurance Services

Zack has retail and wholesale insurance experience in both individual and business markets.  He is experienced in property and casualty, workers compensation, commercial general liability and other business insurance coverages.

Prior to PIASC Insurance Services, Zack worked at PEO Brokers Network and GB Insurance Inc.

Charles Spinelli
At-Large Director

President & CEO E3

Charles is the President of E3 HR, Inc., a Professional Employer Organization, together with 5 other affiliated a commonly-owned business organizations, provides employee administration services to clients.  He has 22 years of executive management experience in this area.  These companies process client’s payroll nationwide for more than 42,000 employees in 46 states.  Prior to his experience in this industry, he was a corporate and securities attorney specializing in public company offerings and investment banking.  

Mr. Spinelli received his Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University College of Business in 1985 and his Juris Doctor degree from Fordham University School of Law in 1989.  He received his Master of Theology, Magna Cum Laude, from Holy Apostles College in 2020 and is actively pursuing his doctorate in the same field.  A past Executive Member of Fordham University President’s Council, he is also a member of that University’s Athletic Hall of Fame.