About Cal-SARA

The California Staffing Reform Association or Cal-SARA was formed in 2020 as a nonprofit trade association to combat workers compensation fraud in the staffing industry. 

Cal-SARA is committed to promoting a fair and competitive staffing industry marketplace and believes that workers compensation insurance fraud destroys that fair and competitive marketplace and puts staffing agencies, their employees and clients at risk. 

While Cal-SARA believes that California has established an adequate framework of laws and regulations for workers compensation insurance, we believe that the enforcement of those laws and regulations is often lacking by being, slow, inconsistent and uncoordinated.

Cal-SARA is invested in partnering with and supporting state and local efforts to combat workers compensation insurance fraud.

We need your help and participation to continue our efforts to rid the staffing industry of workers compensation insurance fraud.

If you would like information about joining Cal-SARA, please email:  [email protected]