About Cal-SARA

The California Staffing Reform Association, Cal-SARA, was formed in 2020 as a nonprofit trade association to combat workers' compensation premium fraud in California's staffing industry. 

Cal-SARA is committed to promoting a fair and competitive staffing industry marketplace and believes that workers' compensation insurance premium fraud inhibits a fair and competitive marketplace, putting staffing agencies, their employees and clients at risk. 

Cal-SARA believes that if it hasn’t been reported, it can’t be fixed.  By using Cal-SARA to report fraudulent workers' compensation practices we can be your partner to see that fraud is reported to the right authorities in the most effective ways.  Then, Cal-SARA will follow those reports, and report their outcomes.  We will also partner with and support state and local efforts to combat workers' compensation insurance premium fraud. 

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The Benefits of Membership

Cal-SARA provides education, awareness and reporting assistance to brokers, insurers, PEOs and temporary employees.  Cal-SARA members will learn how to identify the signs of fraudulent behavior, what information is most critical to report and how to file their complaints for best results.

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Report Workers Compensation Fraud

Cal-SARA brings a new approach to the persistent problem of staffing agency workers compensation fraud.  Cal-SARA will assist in the reporting of suspected fraudulent activities.  Learn how to report suspected workers' compensation fraud and where to file the reports.  We can’t fix what doesn’t get reported.

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